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Over the years our team and our clients have read many books related to business so we thought that we would share some of that list with you.

internal-game-theory-tassos-patokos-hardcover“Internal Game Theory” – Tassos Patokos

  • Traditional Game Theory requires at least two individuals.  This book extends game theory to the inner workings of a single person and sets out the processes that under pin game theory, and how it can be applied in the modern business environment.

making it happenMaking It Happen: Reflections On Leadership”   –  Sir John Harvey-Jones

  • Reflecting on his years as chairman of ICI, and on his experience of leadership in the Royal Navy, the author offers commonsense advice on all aspects of business life and management. In particular, he demonstrates how it is possible to run a company with time and respect for everyone involved, and how this enables a company to excel.

Against the odds“Against The Odds: An Autobiography” – James Dyson

  • This inspirational autobiography tells the remarkable story behind James Dyson and his most successful invention to date the Dual Cyclone. This revolutionary (bagless) vacuum cleaner has taken the market by storm, but not without years of personal struggle and crises for its inventor. Faced with little or no support at every turn, Dyson’s extraordinary story shows how his unswerving optimism and self-belief has brought him spectacular success.

virgin king“Virgin King: Inside Richard Branson’s Business Empire” – Tim Jackson

  • Richard Branson is a highly successful PR Man and a wonderfully sharp business mind. He is an entrepreneur without formal training, but an instinct for reducing risk and paring costs to the bone. This book takes a look at the man behind the Virgin Group.

getting it together“Getting it together – Memoirs of a Thoubleshooter” – John Harvey-Jones

  • A fascinating account of the experiences that made him a hugely successful manager.  Rich in illuminating anecdotes, this is a memoir that everyone in business should read.



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