Coaching and Mentoring

At Interactive we know how important it is to have expert help on hand when you need it.

Coaches and Mentors can provide that support, but contrary to popular belief, the two disciplines are not interchangeable.  In simplistic terms, both provide an experienced business professional to assist an individual to arrive at a solution to the issue they are facing.

At Interactive we recognise the difference and know which is the most appropriate for every type of business and every type of business situation.



Coaching is training or development in which the Coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal.

An Interactive Coach does not give answers based on their own experience but asks questions to stimulate “new perspective” thinking by the Coachee  –  this ensures that the Coachee reaches their own solution which they will implement and set action points with a time frame from which to measure progress.  It is sometimes better to have a Coach who, whilst an expert in their business field, knows very little about the environment or industry of the Coachee  –  the Coach will then bring a totally new perspective to the Coachee by asking the question “Why?” when an industry insider may presume to already know the answer.

The very act of explaining the simple “Why?” will often bring a new clarity of understanding to the Coachee.

Interactive Coaches know exactly when to ask “Why?”



Mentoring is a relationship in which an experienced professional helps guide another individual with their own experience in the given environment in a learning and development partnership.

Assisting the Mentee to arrive at the best solution  –  essentially, a transfer of skills.

Interactive’s Mentors draw on their wide reaching wealth of experience to assist businesses;  Interactive carefully matches it’s Mentors to business Mentees to maximise the benefits to the Mentees.

Need an expert to help guide You and Your Business?  Interactive will help you to decide the best route – Coaching or Mentoring – and provide you with the best person to match your needs.

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