Strategic Business Analysis

“Raise your head above the parapet, take yourself off somewhere for a couple of days, leave the mobile device and clear your head”.

Brilliant advice received from the founder of a major international company dealing in high tech components for mobile devices. He admitted this was something he failed to do while his business was growing, then suddenly the growth stalled, a quick analysis highlighted that the company did not have clear strategic objectives and was consequently dissipating huge amounts of energy and resources on unproductive activity, which included him travelling over a hundred days a year.

Business People often get so wrapped up in the day to day business of running a business that working up a strategic plan is one those jobs that is always relegated to next week. It is not earning cash, its not looking after customers, its not dealing with the supply chain, logistics, sickness issues, staff motivation, cash flow or how your brain hurts. But, and it’s a big but, spending time out will help all these issues, including the pain in your brain.

It helps to have an experienced unrelated, (to your organisation) individual to mentor your thoughts. Being an outsider, they’re more removed and can help with your global vision and perhaps add a perspective which you might not have considered. It doesn’t matter what stage of development you are at, starting, early days, growing, mature, it’s a fundamental basic to have this in place and to review it regularly

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