The Cardinal Rules of Management

Experience shows that there are seven cardinal rules which form the nuts and bolts of successful businesses. Every Manager should have these as a mantra for their business activity: I will……

1. Communicate and build trust

a. Have an overall goal with repetitive communication.

b. Treat internal departments as you would your best customer.

c. Grow trust internally using your relationship building skills.

d. Focus on customer and joint goals.

e. Use every communication tool you can – frequently and effectively.

2. Set goals jointly.

a. Have an overall goal with repetitive communication.

b. Make them SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time framed.

c. Encourage individuals to set their own stretched targets.

d. Reward achievement.

3. Track progress publicly.

a. What gets measured gets done!

b. Measure weekly or monthly against quarterly or yearly.  Direct comparisons of week on week, or year on year don’t necessarily show underlying trends.  Use MAT’s ( Moving Annual Totals) for trend analysis c. Feedback at regular short intervals.

4. Plan and anticipate the future.

a. Plan what you need to happen – set the intended outcome.

b. Anticipate what needs to be done.

c. Activate the Action steps needed.

d. Always play “what if”.

5. Place and coach winners.

a. Focus on winners.

b. Put people in their best jobs.

c. Show people how their piece fits.

d. Actively encourage people to excel.

e. Exemplify service from the top – lead by example.

6. Organise myself and others.

a. Implement tools to increase productivity.

b. Turn effective into efficient.

c. Don’t assume it still works now.

d. Look at what used to work.

7. Celebrate successes!  People need six things in their jobs:

a. Compensation.

b. Recognition.

c. Fun.

d. Personal growth.

e. Challenge

f. Convenience.

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