The 4 principles for implementing change.

In an organisation, every function will without necessarily realising it, have a strategy, albeit sometimes subliminal, for achieving an objective.

Strategy in this context being defined as the all embracing term to describe the path to achieve a desired outcome.

In reality, there needs to be a cyclical sequence of four guiding principles applied to achieve a desired outcome:

  1.  Strategy development – best done as a “brain storming” exercise with stake holders and involved parties,  to confirm the desired outcome, identify the industry environment, the prevailing market forces, competition and the organisations resources and capabilities.
  2.  Planning – establishing measurable goals and deadlines to be accomplished towards achieving the desired outcome, identifying and scheduling specific resource requirements, developing the operational plans directed at specific fields of the company’s operation, setting monitoring points.
  3.   Implementation– the doing, checking and adjusting to achieve the desired outcome.
  4.   Evaluation – the “ how did we do”, “was the process resource efficient”, “what could have been done better”, “what has been learnt”?

Making a sustainable change of any sort in an organisation should be an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary process, hence the 4 principles should be a cyclical process.

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