Communication – the panacea of good, evil or misunderstanding! Part 3

The definition of communication is “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium”.

Oxford English Dictionary

Most “issues” arising in an organization can be put down to one word – Communication”.

On the basis that each person’s perception of a communication may be slightly different, how do you ensure a consistency of message, clarity, and understanding?

Achieving this can be particularly difficult when a number of stakeholders are involved, each having their own “take” of what is being communicated and their view on a solution, if one is required.

LogoVisual Thinking or LVT uses the principle that one picture can sometimes be worth a thousand words to see what is being said or thought.

When an issue needs to be addressed and involves several stakeholders the LVT concept provides an effective way of clarifying the issue.

The issue can be anything from, developing a new strategic plan; introducing a new process or procedure; resolving conflict; a changed dynamic following the introduction of a new member to a team; planning a career move to give but a few examples.

Stakeholder being defined as anyone or object being involved where focus, responsibility and accountability is required to achieve a sustainable outcome.

The LVT process involves interactive communication between the stakeholders that leads to greater clarity, understanding and appreciation of others perspectives.

In particular, the unspoken concerns of individuals which may have arisen and inhibit the issue being resolved will surface and can be addressed.

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