Communication – the panacea of good, evil or misunderstanding!

Definition – “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium”.

                                                                                       Oxford English Dictionary

Most “issues” which arise in an organization can be put down to this one word – communication.

Whether it is written, spoken or visual, various factors will all play a part and need to be taken into account if issues are to be avoided and communication is to be effective.

In written communication, the layout, the use of language – the tone, bolding, colour and visual presentation.

Similarly, with the spoken word, the voice intonation and associated body language.

Add to these the particular circumstances, the place, the situation of those involved at the time, all play a part in how the message is received and perceived.

Thus there are any number of factors contributing to the listener or reader’s perception of the message and which will play a part during “communication”.

These have to be considered if the message to be imparted is to be received as intended.

In addition, the reader or the listener will only register those elements of the message they feel are relevant to them.

Thus, it is not what is said, but how it is said which becomes of paramount importance in any form of “communication”

Unfortunately, there is no ”one size” fits all as every recipient will have a slightly different perception of the message based on the particular circumstances at the time.

When “communicating” always bear these factors in mind, no matter how basic the message you are trying to impart to whom and through whatever medium.

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