All Businesses Can Benefit from Production Engineering Techniques

Production Engineering is the design and application of manufacturing techniques to produce a specific product.

It includes activities such as:

  1. Planning, specification, and coordination of the use of resources
  2. The analysis of producibility, productions processes, and systems
  3. The application of methods, equipment, and tooling
  4. The controlled introduction of engineering changes
  5. The application of cost control techniques.

(Definition source, Business Dictionary)

Does this sound familiar?  It should do.

As a business owner, director or manager, you are the decision maker at the helm of your ship, HMS Enterprise, but how often do you apply Production Engineering disciplines to the management of that business?

When was the last time that the strategic plan was reviewed?

When was the efficient use of resources last considered?

When was the last time the application of equipment and development of employee skills applied?

When was a controlled introduction of beneficial changes managed?

Everyone in business knows that these managerial basics should be uppermost in the mind, but we also know that as business people you get so involved in the everyday life of business (building sales, paying invoices, dealing with all the statutory paperwork, etc, etc…) that these basics are often parked to be dealt with at some time in the future when there is more time and brain space to allow you to concentrate.

How often have you done this, either by choice or necessity?

Do you have a nagging feeling that that the business would be performing much better if you made it happen?

Most of us learn how beneficial it is to buy additional resources when needed. Your time and energy is a resource which, when stretched, will benefit from buying in additional resources. Buying consultancy is a resource which could help ensure Production Engineering techniques are developed and incorporated, with very beneficial results.

Additional resources cost, quality business consultancy earns.

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