Can you survive without selling…?

The questions  we ask clients are, “do you know how many sales should be achieved”,  “how many were  lost”, “any idea of how many were missed” and lastly “what were reasons”.

Poor sales stats are usually the result of a  small number of missing components in an apparently well structured sales process.  Identifying these is usually not complicated.  Products and services are bought because of need or greed or if you prefer, desired.  Products and services are sold direct to individual buyers, business to business , public and  charitable organisations.  There are subtle differences in approach but the fundamentals remain the same.

No company survives without selling.

The primary objective is to sell a product or service as profitably as possible. Profit may include other criteria, however no company survives long without generating profits

Marketing and sales are often perceived to be one process. They should  always  be regarded as separate and distinct, Marketing increases public awareness of a company and its products and services.

Sales generates cash.  It may also be designed to improve goodwill, as a loss leader,  foot in the door,  etc.  All valid reasons if planned. Businesses don’t survive without profits or least covering all their costs.

Selling should include the following:

  • Identifying target prospects
  • Qualifying
  • Finding the decision maker(s)
  • Arrange a productive meeting
  • Record Keeping
  • Presentation
  • Listening
  • Buying Signals
  • Completing

Sales activity should not be based on misplaced hope and optimism,  the best salespeople learn this very early in their careers. They also know about documentation.

Learn these processes and enjoy your selling.

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